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Nousplatform explained in simple words

Token issuanse Plan


70% sold in the token sale

20% retained by Nousplatform

5% Advisors, Grants, Partnerships

3% Community

2% to cover tokensale

Use of Proceeds

30% Technical development

20% Legal Expenses and Licenses

15% Marketing and Business Development

15% Real Estate Fund

15% Crypto Assets Fund

5% Operational Expenses


Pilot Funds

The pilot funds will be launched
after the release of Nouslatform

Real Estate Fund



For ICO baсkers reserved, if the cap
of $18 mln. achieved

Crypto Assets Fund



For ICO baсkers reserved, if the cap
of $22 mln. achieved

NST token growth factors

  • Limited Emission of the NST tokens
  • Demand for acquisition of the funds shares
  • Capital infusion of a new funds created on Nousplatform
  • Reserve of NST tokens for open-ended funds
  • Distribution of dividends for close-ended funds
  • Reserves for instant portfolio diversification
  • Tokens used as utility to buy services on Nousplatform
  • Demand for speculations

Advantages for fund managers

  • Technical framework for creating and managing investment funds on the blockchain
  • Possibility to issue funds tokens for interaction with investors
  • Possibility of tokenization of assets of the real economy
  • Automated reports of the fund's performance
  • The possibility of dividends payouts
  • Automated calculation and payment of commissions to fund managers
  • Built-in Nousplatform investor’s community can participate in any fund built on Nousplatform

Advantages for the investors

  • Invest in the best performing funds based on Nousplatform
  • Limit your risks, by choosing top funds with different portfolios
  • Use blockchain-confirmed reports to analyze investment funds’ performance
  • Trade ETFs on decentralized nousplatform exchange

Transparency for the Investors

  • Reduction of the operating expenses
  • Elimination intermediaries
  • Risk diversification
  • Reduction of the fees
  • Increase in safety and security of the transactions
  • Reduction in deposit and withdrawal timeframe
  • Research based on honest, transparent data
  • Rating list of the best performing funds



Websummit 2017 Lisbon

We are invited to participate in the Lisbon Websummit as the most innovative Startup

18Aug. 2017ICO Hypethon St. Petersburg

We participated at ICO Hypenton in St. Petersburg and presented our platform to well-known crypto investors


29Aug. 2017Bitcoin Meetup Kharkiv

Anatol Ostrowski has participated as a speaker and talked about the assets tokenization and development of decentralized blockchain-based investment funds


9Sep. 2017Bitcoin Revolution

Presentation of the concept for decentralized investment Funds


27Sep. 2017Cryptomind Moscow

We were awarded as a winner at Cryptomind Event in Moscow and received certificate for 100 000 RUB.


3Oct. 2017Blockchain Forum

We have exhibited as Blockchain Fintech Startup


12Oct. 2017BBConfKiev in Kiev

Our CTO Anatol Ostrowski has presented the concept of tokenized funds.We have exhibited as an ICO Startup




H.E. Lord Dr Gery Maes



Alex Man

​Managing Director & Co-Founder



CTO & Co-Founder


Bonnie Normile

Consultant, Investor Relations


Andrew Vorobyovski

СМО & Co-Founder



COO & Co-Founder



Business Consultant



Public Consultant






Fullstack, blockchain Developer



Back-End Developer





Front-End Developer



UI/UX Designer



HR Manager



John Cioeimages

Founder/CEO - INOV8 Sports,

John is a seasoned entrepreneur launching technology startups, creating fundraising platforms and years of real estate development experience including public private partnerships.


Brian Kusmerimages

Brian Kusmer Real Estate Business Professional in 20 years responsible for hundreeds of million in transactions volume. He is in the top 1% of business performer in the world


Ken Tachibanaimages

MBA Finance, UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. Global Chairman of Cyber Exec, Founder and managing principal of Intelligence Capital.


Benjamin Theobaldimages

Benjamin is a serial entrepreneur of British-Dutch origin. He started his first company in 2003 at the age of 23 and has been active around the world with successful projects leading to the sale of iGo Inc. (NASDQ) listed in 2010. Founder of ICO Global.


Md.Mofassair Hossainimages

CEO and Founder of Perhalic, the first ever Cryptocurrency website in Bangladesh. Expert at Israeli blockchain association and ICO bench.


Yagub Rahimovimages

CEO/Co-founder - 7marketz Inc. Group, Yagub Rahimov is serial entrepreneur operating within FinTech ecosystem. Investing since the age of 16, Yagub is an award winning trader and a savvy Crypto/Bitcoin investor since mid-2009.


Oleg Isaevimages

An entrepreneur, a specialist in relations with the government of the Russian Federation and the Central Bank of Russia. Partner of Skolkovo. Partner of the Republican Foundation for Housing and Mortgage Lending.


Alexander Uglovimages

Blockchain-evangelist, visionary. Has experience of staging ICOs in several projects (SONM, Humaniq, etc). Co-founder of Blockchain Association in Russia.


Sean Brizendineimages

Sean Brizendine has over 7 years experience researching Bitcoin and Blockchain Technology. Ran an early Bitcoin Mining Blog. BSA-e approval FinCEN. Has solid ties with early adopters and famous developers. Rated 5+ POD (Proof of Developer). Biz Dev’ at The Vanbex Group.


Norman Chouimages

Norman Chou is an blockchain enthusiast and believes that blockchain will impact society in the most positive ways. Norman brings over 20 years of successful experience from IT industry developing business partnerships. Norman has several engineering accreditations along with his Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration specializing in Marketing Management and PR/Organizational Communications.


Henok (Hen) Tekleimages

Henok (Hen) Tekle is a cryptoassets fund manager, advisor, and thought leader. Frequently invited to attend or speak at events in the space, Hen has attended or spoken at the inaugural Token Summit (New York City), Blockstack (Silicon Valley), CoinAlts Fund Symposium (San Francisco), Block-Con (Los Angeles), Crypto Valley Trip (Zug, Switzerland), Mindspace (Berlin), GCC Blockchain Conference (Dubai), Blockchain World Conference (Bangkok), Hybrid Summit 2017 (Macau), and the Dubai International Blockchain Summit (Dubai).

Strategic Partners


The bancor protocol is utilized to reserve any ERC20 to receive NST Tokens.


Civic will allow the 2FA for investors and managers to increase the security of backoffice


Deloitte is providing services for the funds' audits.


Sum & Substance is providing the KYC services utilizing blockchain technology


April 2017

Idea creation, proof of concept

June 2017

Website launch, Nousplatform and Nousprotocol development. In-House Development Team

July of 2017

Publishing of the Whitepaper
Completion of technical documentation

September of 2017

PoC of the investor's cold wallet for the storage of tokenized assets

November 2017

Pre-Sale to create a community of backers, that become potential investors on the platform

Questions / Answers

Company is registered in Scotland U.K Incorporation details of Nousplatform ABB Capital LP, Company Number SL023197. Suite 1, 4 Queen Street, Edinburgh, Scotland Uk, EH2 1JE Scotland, UK.
Platform that provides escrow, technical and legal framework for decentralized managed investment funds based on blockchain technology.
NST Tokens serve as the main Utility Token for the transactions between investors and the investment funds. An algorithm for all the settlements is based on NST tokens.
A NST token is not just another digital currency; it is a utility instrument for purchasing equity shares of every investment fund on Nousplatform. In other words, the more NST tokens you acquire now, the more equity shares or ETF you will have in your portfolio. It is the first precedent in history, when early investors get much more favorable terms for the acquisition of equity shares.
In our opinion NST tokens have an enormous potential. Its value will rise with the launch of the Nousplatform. And their value will continue to rise as more investors will be actively participating in the investment funds based on Nousplatform. And the value of NST tokens will climb higher when new investment funds will be established and managed on Nousplatform.
In this case with NST tokens, its value is not associated with speculations or opinions of future value. As soon as Nousplatform will be listed as one of the top investment funds in the ratings, more investors will be drawn to invest. In order to invest they will need to purchase NST tokens. It will create a demand for the NST tokens. The formula is simple: the higher the demand, the more expensive the supply.
All of the assets above are ERC20 tokens and will be stored in a “cold” wallet that can only be accessed through a private key. Important: The Investment funds or Nousplatform do not store the private key of the investor and does not have access to the investor’s wallet.
NST tokens are the only unit used for the entire protocol to compute and calculate the amount of the equity assets and ETF of funds. Therefore, all algorithms for the amount of asset allocations, distribution, exchange, estimates, settlements and reports will be reflected in NST tokens. Also, Nousplatform is using NST tokens for commission payout.
This will be possible through Bancor protocol. Your ERC20 tokens will be stored as a reserve for NST tokens. It will eliminate the commissions and fees for purchasing NST tokens.
We use our protocol to create snapshots of verified wallets of the investment funds and record those in blockchain. That creates transparent and accurate data for statistics. Then the system analyzes this data and establishes a rating list based on the fund’s performance. This feature helps to build an investor’s confidence in the fund: the so-called Trust Level, which is also a factor for the ratings. At the TOP of the list, investors will see the most profitable funds that can be trusted.
The Investment funds need Nousplatform for asset management and attracting new investors from our growing community. Venture capital funds need Nousplatform to conduct voting. For a more transparent way in making investment decisions (see more details in whitepaper).
Anyone who has spare cash and a smartphone is a potential investor. We are utilizing all the available marketing strategies to draw targeted traffic to the Nousplatform and are actively working with the investors’ community.

Thank you! We will contact you soon.